How Understanding the Incubation Period is Very, Very Important.

How Understanding the Incubation Period is Very, Very Important.

Claremont Colonic Stay Home
The critical question is: Can you infect someone else when you’ve been infected but don’t have any symptoms
The Chinese have made statements that they think that’s the case. If that’s in fact true, then there’s no chance of controlling this.

Exacerbating things, when facing an influenza pandemic, you have to sustain anything that you’re doing to be successfully preventive. And that’s extremely difficult for a public health official to get the public to do; sustaining the right behavior.

Unless you get in the habit of washing your hands all the time — and do it constantly, three, four, five days after you start doing it — you’re going to get tired of it. But that kind of behavior has to be sustained to be effective.

I guess I’m a pessimist when it comes to changing human behavior, even something as simple as handwashing — and good luck trying to prevent people from touching their mouth or eyes.

Even the “good” masks, like N95 respirators, have to be fitted almost perfectly for them to be effective. And they’re uncomfortable.

So, for those who get sick, just stay home. It’s that simple. That runs counter to American culture; you’re supposed to tough it out — you’re sick, you go into work. But in this case, that’s not useful. Employers should emphasize that to their employees: If you’re sick, stay home.


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