Everything You Need to Make Whipped Coffee

Everything You Need to Make Whipped Coffee

If you’re spending any amount of time on Instagram or TikTok these days, you’ve likely been inspired to whip up your own mug of dalgona coffee.

The frothy caffeinated concoction — also referred to as whipped coffee — has been trending since going viral in South Korea earlier this year.

Search #dalgonacoffee on Instagram, and you’ll net more than 265,000 posts. On TikTok, that number reaches 207 million views. “I think the trend took off really quickly because people are feeling stir-crazy at home while social distancing and want a quick and easy distraction,” says Michelle Lopez, founder of the food blog Hummingbird High. “The recipe is pretty low commitment — it takes five minutes — and serves as a good replacement for a lot of folks’ morning coffee routine. I also think this recipe just brought a lot of joy into people’s lives by being tasty and fun to make and share online.”

Julie Resnick, co-founder of feedfeed, a popular crowd-sourced digital food publication and community, agrees. “This recipe is easy, approachable, only requires a few ingredients, looks really cool and it tastes pretty good,” she says. “It’s a cloud of happiness for sweet coffee lovers. It tastes mostly sweet and creamy with a tiny bit of bitterness.”

Lopez says she’d compare the taste to a Starbucks Frappuccino. “They have the same kind of airy texture,” she says. “I think Starbucks gets their texture by blending coffee with crushed ice, but you don’t do that with dalgona coffee at all.”

Ready to make your own happiness cloud at home? Here’s what you’ll need and how to whip it — and whip it good, with all products recommended by the pros and from our favorite brands.

How to make whipped coffee
To make one dalgona coffee, Lopez says, you’ll need 2 tablespoons each of instant coffee, granulated sugar and boiling water. You’ll also need ½ cup of ice, 8 ounces of milk, and cocoa powder for garnish, if you like. (“Don’t try it unless you are using instant coffee,” Resnick advises, as regular coffee does not work with this recipe.)

Combine the instant coffee and sugar in a bowl, then add the hot water. “The dalgona coffee recipe works best if you use hot water — it dissolves both the instant coffee and sugar more quickly and leads to a fluffier, frothier coffee,” Lopez says.

Now you’ll either use a whisk to beat the mixture until it’s light and fluffy (about five minutes) or use an electric or stand mixer (it’ll save a lot of arm strength, Resnick says) for about one to two minutes.

“I typically whisk my coffee by hand, but I’m a professional baker so I have a lot of practice whipping whipped cream and meringue, too,” Lopez says. “If you don’t do what I do for a living, I definitely recommend using a hand-held electric mixer. It’s the fastest and easiest way to get maximum fluff for your coffee.”

From there, spoon the creamy coffee into a glass of iced milk using a rubber spatula and garnish with the cocoa powder if you like. Snap your photo, then stir it up and enjoy.

Contributor: Lesley Kennedy, CNN Underscored

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