Nutritional Testing

Applied Kinesiology and Galvanic Skin Response Zyto technology

Balance Nutritional Testing

We have had so many requests for “spot checking” our client’s health needs, that we have made that service available in a state-of-the-art software. Now…if you are suffering from a cold, want to jump start your metabolism or just give yourself an energy boost, the BALANCE program can aid you in determining your body’s biological preference in a variety of areas. We start with your Foundational Health and then move into your area of concern, wrapping up the session with an Empowerment Module to give you a little inspiration and insight into your emotional/spiritual journey. The $25 fee is applied to the purchase of your supplements.

30 min – $50

Advanced Nutritional Testing

Using both Applied Kinesiology and Galvanic Skin Response Zyto technology for their precision, accuracy and customization abilities, we can accurately determine an effective nutritional protocol using non-invasive methods. Our goal is to uncover the underlying ROOT CAUSE of your chronic health issues by looking for fundamental nutritional deficiencies, toxicities, chronic infections and hormonal imbalances. Based on ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic philosophies, this cutting-edge technology reflects the holistic nature of the human body and helps to “peel the onion,” to identify and eliminate your chronic illnesses.

2 hours – $175