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Silvia's Visit Recap

Claremont Colonic Events
Silvia’s third visit to see old friends and meet new acquaintances in Claremont at the end of April was a phenomenal success! On Tuesday evening, April 26th, we held a Meet and Greet at the clinic, where Silvia gave an inspiring talk on life, its challenges and how to handle them.

About 30 of the participants made an appointment to meet with her privately to discuss their individual situations and do a Shamanic Healing with her. One client even had her come to their home to do a Spiritual Cleansing of the home.

While Silvia was not able to meet with all of the clients, she wanted me to encourage any interested parties to contact her at her home in Puno, Peru in the Andes Mountains on Lake Titicaca: on Whatssap her number is +51915333521 or on Facebook you can send a friend request to Silvia Calisaya Chuquimia

Natural Health & Financial Well-Being

“Seven out of ten American workers say financial stress is their most common cause of stress, and almost half (48%) say they find dealing with their financial situation stressful”
American Psychology Association

Stress, heart disease, and digestive system problems often result from financial concerns, or �financial un-wellness. Along with an experienced financial specialist, I will be presenting: How to achieve wellness through natural and financial well-being.

Join me, once again, for an intimate evening: cheese, wine and wellness. 

Come and hear what our expert has to say about your financial future.

Don’t miss out on the next opportunity to hear this valuable information. 
Stay Tuned for the next time and place…
– Elle .

Farmers & Artisans Market

The Farmers & Artisans Market is held every Sunday in the Claremont Village 
Year Round, Rain or Shine ​ 
Located at Indian Hill Avenue & Second Street

—About a 3 minute walk from Claremont Colonic & Nutrient Resource Clinic—

Certified Organic Produce 
Specialty Artisans & Crafts
Flowers & Plants

Enjoy. Shop. Socialize. Certified - the only way to buy!

The Farmers & Artisans Market was founded in 1996 to connect California farmers and artisans to the local community. We now have over 100 grower and artisan members sharing their goods and services throughout the year. 
The Claremont Forum sponsors this weekly event and we are committed to helping promote local family farmers and to bring quality produce to our community. Proceeds from each market also help to support our service projects, such as the Prison Library Project.

California Certified Farmers’ Markets are the “real thing” places where the farmers sell their crops directly to the public. Before a farmer can sell at a certified market, the government checks to make sure that the farmer grows the produce they are selling and that they abide by state agricultural guidelines. Elimination of packing, shipping and wholesale costs means both the farmer and consumer save money (and help the environment!) Come enjoy the safe, nutritious, vine and tree-ripened fruit and vegetables that are California-grown and certified by the State of California.