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The Rossiter System

Therapy for Unresolved Pain

If you have tried everything to help with unresolved pain and have had no success, you are at the right place. Richard Rossiter has developed a system of muscle stretching that targets your body’s connective tissue, a head-to-toe network of ligaments, tendons and fascia that holds everything together. This connective tissue tightens and shortens when it becomes overworked, injured or traumatized. These techniques use weight and active stretching to loosen and lengthen the entire network of tissue to its natural state. When the tissue is “normal” again, the pain disappears! We specialize in addressing all types of conditions with natural remedies, such as:

Increasing Energy

Sleep Issues

Digestive Disorders

Unresolved Pain

Immune Boosting

Spiritual Balancing

Individual session is $85/hr. or a package of 4 for $285

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