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The 30-Day Meatless Challenge

Are you Up to the Challenge?

These days so many people are contemplating eliminating meat from their diets, that I wanted to extend a 30-day no-meat challenge to all of my clients.

 I want you to look at this as a day-by-day adventure with an end in sight, but first, I believe in education—otherwise, not really understanding the benefits, you will be more likely to fall off of the wagon when you see your first juicy hamburger.


Everyone's main concern is always protein intake. You will learn from the DVD that, for instance, spinach has more protein than beef. The secret is eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to get the complete protein that is found in meat.

Several of my clients have already embarked on this journey and are remarkably surprised at how great they feel when their digestive burden is lightened. Hope you will join us on this journey. I have included a few recipes to get you going.

Share Your Results

Everyone who takes part in the challenge is welcome to share their experiences, good or bad. Be forewarned, not everyone in the family will be on board, so prepare for some backlash. How will (or did) you handle it?

What was the biggest obstacle you faced?

What has the experience taught you?

Rest assured, your insights are welcome and will be shared in our follow-up newsletter on August 26th, 2018.

Let me know if you want a Contributor Credit, or wish to remain Anonymous.

I also don't wish to exclude those who have incorporated a meatless (or even semi-meatless) lifestyle already. For those vegans and vegetarians out there, please take advantage of the opportunity to help others by sharing your journey.

For example, many new vegetarians introduce various meatless options, like soy, tofu, and seitan, into their diets. Are there risks to be considered? Do you have a go-to recipe you'd like to share? Feel free to send them to me and I will make sure you get a contributor credit in an upcoming newsletter.

Now for you dedicated carnivores... I want to hear from you too!

What are your thoughts here? Check (mentally) all that apply:
  • Can't stand Tofu?
  • Heard soy isn't really all that good for you.
  • Dairy Substitutes taste terrible!
  • Can't be bothered.
  • Too expensive and time consuming.
  • Been there, done that.

Whatever the reason, I want to hear from you and am sure we all can benefit from your insights.

You can always contact me for more suggestions. Good Luck!!

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