Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a colonic do?

The basis of a colonic is to flood the colon with purified water to loosen and remove stagnant debris from the walls of the colon. Unlike a laxative, which liquifies the stool and it travels down the middle of the colon, a colonic will help exercise your colon muscle to increase your peristaltic action and aid in the transit time of the digested food.

2. Do I have to fast before getting a colonic?

We provide a list of gassy foods to avoid for 24 hours before the session. We also suggest that you stop eating or drinking anything for 2 hours before your session to complete any digestion processes that you might be experiencing.

3. How long does a colonic take?

We allow one hour for your session, although you are on the colonic table for half that time. The other half hour is devoted to paperwork, changing clothes and expelling the remaining water in your colon at the end of the session.

4. Does getting a colonic help with acne?

The visual signs of acne on your skin are often a reflection of the inflammation in your colon. Receiving a series of treatments is often the answer to recovering the vibrant skin you desire.

5. Is a colonic something that you need to recover from?

We do not use any drugs or sedatives, so you are alert and fully competent to drive, return to work or go work out. On rare occasions you may desire to sit for a few minutes if you feel light-headed.

6. How soon can I eat after getting a colonic?

We want you to stay vegan for the rest of the day (at least) to give your digestive system an easier go of it. For that reason, we provide you with a discount coupon to purchase some appropriate food locally.

7. Will a colonic help me lose weight?

This an often asked question. While you may drop a few pounds, it is usually temporary. What will most likely occur is that your stomach will get flatter as we address the bloating that so many experience due to poor digestion and processed foods. During our session, we will discuss your dietary choices and make recommendations.

8. How many sessions should I consider?

Like any new experience, a learning curve is involved. During your first session we will teach you relaxation (yoga) breathing along with the use of essential oils. This will help slow your heartbeat and lower your blood pressure. So, while your mind will be more relaxed, your body will be experiencing strange sensations, though not painful, for the first time.
As a general rule, we recommend 4 sessions within 2 weeks to cleanse the colon of old debris, then, moving forward we suggest a colonic at the beginning of every season: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter in conjunction with a 3 day cleanse to reign in all of the nasty little eating habits that crop up during the holidays, birthdays, etc.

9. How safe or dangerous are colonics?

Colon hydrotherapy is very safe. We use only water that has been purified 6 times and our speculums and tubing are one-use disposable materials. After we take you through the relaxation process, the discomfort is limited to just an unusual feeling in your colon and possibly some mild cramping as we stimulate the peristalsis.

10 Will a colonic get rid of drugs in my system?

We have had clients who, after drug therapy, have come in to release toxins from their colons. They have reported feeling better.

11. What's the difference between an infrared and regular sauna?

Infrared energy is not light but heat energy just like the sun. It helps detox the body, remove heavy metals and affords a form of cardio vascular activity. A regular sauna (steam) only heats the external body.

12. What are the benefits of reflexology?

Reflexology is the scientific principle of massaging the reflex areas on the feet and hands which corresponds to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body. Relieves stress, tension, improves nerve and blood supply while unblocking nerve impulses to return the body to a balanced state.

13. What's the difference between ear coning and ear candling?

It is called by both names interchangeably but they are the same thing. In Mexico they use a rolled up newspaper. We use linen dipped in beeswax into a cone shape.

14. Is it better to get hydrotherapy in the morning or evenings?

It is just based on your preference or convenience or schedule.

15. Don't I lose vital nutrients with a colonic session?

No, we do not wash out the good bacteria in your colon.

16. Does a colonic hurt?

See #8 and #9.

17. What is Ozone Therapy?

It is the use of Ozone, or oxygen with an extra molecule (O3) to help purify and heal the body both internally and externally.

18. What is a Hocatt?

The Hocatt is a single unit that houses up to 10 beneficial detoxification therapies. It improves circulation, detoxes the body, boosts energy and strengthens the immune system.

19. How much does a Hocatt treatment cost?

We recommend our 10 session program as each ½ hour session increases the ozone input up to the maximum. The cost is $1500 for the program. We have a 6-month no-interest payment plan available.

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