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Doing These Four Things Will Improve Your Health Immediately!

Vibrant health and a good long life are made up of daily habits.

There are many habits that contribute to your and longevity. Looking for fast results?

This list of 4 habits will jump start your health and keep it there, Quickly.

1. Drink Water All Day Long. Start drinking water from the moment you get up until the very end of your day. Before you brush your teeth or ear or drink anything else…drink a large glass of water. You body and all of it’s systems need hydration first thing in the morning. May years ago I started drinking a full quart of water after I wake up. This is called hyper-hydration and it’s critically important for the way your body functions. On the rare occasions that I can’t do this, I can really feel the difference. It’s mostly when I travel but I’m super vigilant about making sure water is always available.

2. Stop Drinking Soda. You know that taking soda out of your diet will dramatically change the stat of your health. Soda is an acceptable poison. Some of us convince ourselves that diet soda is better because it has no calories and some of us convince ourselves that regular soda with sugar is better because it’s not made with artificial sweeteners. We justify that soda is our only vice and yet… we know that it hurts us. When you release this poison from your body once and for all – the benefits will be immediate and measurable!

3. Stop Eating Fast Food. Your bod really doesn’t like fast food but…just like drinking soda, eating fast food is an addictive habit. You know it’s not good for you and you tell yourself that you will stop…soon…someday…on Monday. Eating fast food also heightens your risk of heart disease, you’ll be constipated and your skin will start to deteriorate. Memory and cognitive function declines with every bit of fast food you consume. You’ll be bloated and your kidneys and stomach will suffer.

Your teeth will start to decay and your mental health will decline. There are studies showing that teenagers who consume too mush fast food are prone to depression.

Consuming fast food causes your blood sugars to spike, you could end up with liver disease and your bones could weaken. The artificial colors, dyes and chemicals make you lethargic or hyper.

Time to give up the drive through once and for all.

4. Drink Green Juice Every Day. Green juice is a convenient, quick way to maximize the amount of nutrients absorbed by your body. You gut doesn’t have to digest all the fiber and allows you to consume more vegetables efficiently. Fresh Green Juice gives you lots of enzymes, prebiotics and helps to detoxify our bodies. It also lowers blood sugar levels, helps us get better skin and improves athletic performance. There are juice bars everywhere these days. Find one in your neighborhood or buy yourself a juicer!

Contributor: Jane-Barlow Herbal Specialties Newsletter

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