Enjoy these glowing testimonials from our clients:

Kailee G.

My very first colonic done this morning and it went well. When I arrived there was a few pages of paperwork and then the lady showed me to the colonic room and had me put on paper shorts with an "air conditioning" slit in the rear area. Haha! You lay down and she guides you through some breathing exercises after putting medicinal grade lavendar oil drops on your hands for you to hold up to your nose as a relaxation technique. For obvious reasons some people may be quite nervous knowing a stranger is going to put a hose up their butt for irrigation purposes, so breathing in some awesome smelling lavandar is a nice touch.

By state law you must assist the technician in the speculum insertion but really she is doing it and your hand merely rests on the tool, which was fine. It was easy, she is a professional, and I was not embarrassed or uncomfortable at all.

The process of the colonic was to have your colon filled with water and then released 4 to 5 times and in between the technician massages your abdomen either with her hands or with a vibrating massage wand to assist the removal process. She is very friendly and informative and yes, you get to watch what comes out of you (poop!) as it is sucked away into a machine. Its actually very cool. You never smell anything, its a clean process, and i felt marvelous after.

You are instructed to keep a vegan diet for the remainder of the day. 4 sessions in 2 weeks are recommended at first and then quarterly maintenance. I got the Wednesday, first timer special for $39 and will be back in 2 weeks.

Kailee G. --Covina

Nancy B.

Just wanted to let you know that the Colonic treatment and lavender helped me greatly. My pain level went down about 70 to 80% and I was able to fall asleep at 8:30 PM. I used the lavender on the bottom of my feet and that helped me stay asleep and also fall asleep. I can�t stay awake right now need a nap so we will probably come in for the infra red sauna tomorrow or the next. So grateful to be sleeping again. So grateful to know you. Thank you so much Elle for helping me.

Nancy B. --California


I have felt so much better! I look forward to my next appointment.
Thank you so much!

Lisa K. --California

Chris and Nancy

Chris and I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and many blessings for the new year of 2015.
Thank you for always being there for me and helping me the through the many bumps of this illness. We are praying for you and the special man in your life.
You are so special to us. Thank you for always being there and we will keep on praying for your significant other.
Many blessings and good health wished to both of you next year.

Chris and Nancy --California

Nancy B.

Thank for all you have done in helping me through the years. I don't remember offficially thanking you so I just thought of you and wanted to send you this text of my appreciation.
I am planning real soon to come in to get one of your Colonic specials and to try again the machine that helps to get the lymphatic system working again. Your information has been invaluable these last few years.
I will be coming in to see you sometime soon; had a lot of progress and then a setback.

Nancy B. --California

Michele G.

Thank you for all that you do.
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Michele G. --California

Jenae E.

Subject: The movie
Hi Elle

I finally watched the movie last Wed evening and I just completed my 5th meat free day. I haven't completely eliminated dairy but that's the goal. I have more energy every day and I'm much more regular... Better than I've been in years.

Thank you so much for all your help it all works. I wish I listened and watched the movie sooner.


Jenae E. --California

Bonita S.

I just want to thank you so much for bringing the gift of Silvia. She was amazing and I feel blessed to have gotten a healing session with her. Thank you again.

Bonita S. --California

Martha V.

This was great experience. Although it was my first time having a colonic... The hydrotherapy therapist made me feel at ease. She explained every step which made the whole experience pleasant. I would recommend this clinic to anyone wanting to have a colonic done.

Martha V.. --California

Kathy H.

This place is awesome...went in to try it out expecting to do this colonic thing once and only once and I ended up signing up for 3 more visits. Alex is very professional and makes you feel very comfortable. I've already told several people about this place. I highly recommend it!! I've actually even lost about 6 lbs without dieting. I went in basically to clean out my system so I could start a green smoothie regimen and work on getting healthy from the inside out. This is a good way to start!! Definitely going back.

Kathy H. --Walnut, CA

George M.

My first even thinking or doing colonic. Alex was very Professional Knowledgeable and very nice and understanding. It is clean small place no smells felt very secure safe cozy . Alex makes you very comfortable tells you everything going on lets you ask questions I love it i will be back I felt so good afterwards cant even put it into words how refreshed right after i went to 24 fitness for 2 hours and did another 4 hours at Combined Martial Science They are absolutely the best I am glad i found them

George M. --Ontario, CA

Amanda R.

I very much enjoyed my "day at the spa" at the Claremont Colonic and Nutrient Resource Clinic. I had never received a colonic before, so being somewhat nervous Elle and Alex were very comforting and reassuring during the whole process. I definitely left feeling much cleaner and healthier. I’ve even lost 5 lbs in the last week since my colonic! I left with some new outlook on nutrition. They sent me home with sesame oil, for oil pulling, which detoxes the blood and also whey protein powder and greens for making a healthy shake, which I’ve been doing first thing each morning. Starting my day this way has helped with better eating habits throughout my day.

Also while at the clinic I received ear candling (which I can’t believe how dirty my ears were), an ionic foot bath (which detoxes the bodies organs), and an EVS treatment (which is a process of using your energy to help with your thinking process). I left with my whole body being recharged!

In between treatments, I was able to walk the town of Claremont, which has lots of restaurants and shops. It was really a great "day at the spa" and I will definitely be visiting the clinic again!

Thanks girls!

Amanda R. --Solana Beach, CA

Anthony M.

Dear Elle,
I certainly hope you had a marvelous day! I have just finished watching 'Eating.' I must say that it took my breath away. I feel very drained, yet uplifted by every word it so cleverly, vividly and wholesomely delivered. I will now be a very strong advocate of plant-based diet and will suffice to tirelessly/passionately relay such message to others.

Most importantly, I would humbly like to extend my heartfelt, utmost gratitude in all respects for your kind assistance and generosity in sharing the wonderful and immensely valuable news of a 'plant-based diet.' You have certainly inspired me beyond words. In that regard, with your kind permission, I would like to declare you my 'new best, intelligent and inspirational friend.'

I truly feel that it was a priceless/heavenly blessing that I met you. Henceforth I shall cheerily look forward to meeting and conversing with you, and in turn learning more from you and following your very educational life-altering advice.

Indeed, you have thus far rendered me speechless with who you are and what you stand for.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Anthony M. --Claremont, CA

Athena J.

Not only are they great with colonics but I love the ear coning!

Athena J. --Ponoma, CA

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